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I am pretty sure you have a browser hijack or some kind of malware.

Try this free browser hijack removal tool.
It may be a little easier to use than HijackThis. Note; you have to select for removal items found after scanning with HijackThis. Use the information tool to identify the items that you can remove safely if you use it.

Also; search for Malwarebytes and download/run it. It is a fabulous freeware program.

I like cwshredder for cleaning temporary files and cleaning system registry.

If you are not using Mozilla Firefox for a web-browser; I would look in to downloading and using it instead of Internet Explorer. Just a preference thing for me.

Good luck...

*I hope you have an anti-virus program installed and running on your pc. If not; check out the free version of AVG. Note; be sure to boot in to safe mode (hold down F during startup and run your complete virus scan in safemode. This helps to thwart some creative viruses that can hide and redirect your scans. Plus; it will speed up your virus scans significantly.
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