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Having built hundreds of rods over the last 30 years(in use all over the world) I have professional skills in graphite and glass blanks. Regarding bamboo I am just an assembler, not a builder or designer. Having qualified myself(for what it's worth) I built myself a bamboo rod several years ago. Lacking the talent to actually construct a bamboo blank I purchased one from Merrick tackle in New York. It's a 7 1/2 ft. 5 wt. I assembled it using premium grade cork, nickel silver reel seat and winding check and birds eye maple. Guides were SIC and flex snake guides. I used silk thread(traditional). I consulted Mike Clark on finishing and used many coats(lots I forgot how many) of spar varnish. This was the most time consuming. It requires an 18 to 20 rpm turner and lots of coats to achieve to achieve a nice look. Best advice is to choose a blank (with 2 tips) of the length and wt you want, assemble using standard techniques, then be prepared(no hurry) to apply finish (light coats) over a period of many days(allowing to dry between coats). Take your time and the end result will be worth it. procedure is the same on the Korean rod. Depending on its condition it will require removal of the old varnish and possibly rewrapping the guides. Good luck and let us know how they turn out.

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