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Skookum pontoons are bit pricy, IMO. They have nice frames, a bit overkill for just for fishing but I like beefiness. Tubes are Maxxon and they are rebadged as his own.

You can buy the tubes much cheaper elsewhere, such as or

Additionally, because of the diameter of the tubes and frame size, it is row only boat (no kicking). Which may or may not be a good thing.

I sold my Skookum 12' with a basic frame to a buddy who still has it in use. I like my Aire Bobcat with both standing and cargo platforms and removable lean bars better (similar to the current model-Outcast PAC 1100 FS) but not a huge difference.

I also had a 8' Maxxon which resides with another buddy. It was nice but the oars didn't clear my knees. Buddy uses it more as a kick boat so no issues for him.

Other brands to look at that have similar larger diameter whitewater grade tubes are Aire/Outcast, Maxxon, and Jacks Plastic Weld (fishing boats are sold through Water Ready). Scadden has some but they are smaller diameter/shorter. Slightly longer tubes can be found from Sotar, Maravia, Saturn, NRS, Hyside and others.
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