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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
Waterwolf; I do not understand this post. Is it because catching/handling the fish will stress them to not reproduce? I do not know the Holston River that well and I would like to learn more about its ecosystem.
NDuncan, is dead on.

The water temps get really borderline during the late summer early fall, and through lake turnover. The stress of fighting fish is enough to push them to death, and therefore folks that are determined to not leave them alone, might as well keep a mess.

The fish in the Holston do not appear to reproduce like the fish in the Clinch. Overall the quality of the fish is generally much better in the Clinch with regards to spawning behavior.

Fortunately the Holston is the only major tailwater which really has an issue with this. The Hiwassee usually surpasses borderline and goes to full on kill mode, unless something has changed recently.
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