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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
I heard rumblings of this earlier in the week. Apparently it went over like a turd in a punch bowl statewide.

There was a very slim minority of people who wanted it, and their reasons as explained to TWRA showed they were after this tax to help their own selfish interests.

I am pleased that for a rare moment TWRA actually listened to the feedback and did what the majority wanted.

I guess the nancies whining about guides can crawl back into their hole for another year.
Jim, Ironic you worked for Scott Rogers at the Creel and he was a strong advocate of licensing and certification of guides who worked in Tennessee. In 2004 when the proposal was initiated Scott was quoted as being "...all for it" ...."right now the resource is being plundered , especially by (guides from ) North Carolina.Something needs to be done,either by licensing or by limiting the number of boats that can be on the river at one time " Scott 'believed the cost of the license and any certification requirements should be high enough and tough enough to deter some would-be guides' .....thinking it would alleviate some of "the fly-by night 'heck yeah I'm a fishing guide 'types".
What were you saying back in those days ? The fee being considered at that time was $200 for instate guides & $600 for out -of-state guides.
I guess you were a nancie back then too ?
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