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So Hugh; do most of the stocked fish in the Cherokee tailwater die due to water temperature?

Last May people at Nance's with full stringers (fly, spin and bait) have told me they keep all they catch because the fish will die anyway by July and that any fish in the river much below Buffalo Springs cannot survive the summer heat.

What is the truth?

If you don't mind.... a second question:

Most all the trout I caught at Nance's were rainbows last Spring... and the State seems to mostly stock rainbows in this tailwater.

Brown trout seem to be able to survive warmer water than rainbows so why is the stocking regime so grossly biased toward rainbow stocking if most fish will not survive the summer?

Up in Maine many rivers with temperatures well into the high 70's sustained brown trout.

I have not fished the Hiwassi river but it seems totally wasteful to so richly stock a river that cannot sustain fish very well... but I really don't know much about it other than a breif reading about it in Rutters book.
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