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TWRA stocked a large number of Browns several yrs ago in the upper stretches down to Indian Cave. This was prior to Hugh guiding there & he may not remember the high percentage of browns caught. The subsequent year, they seemed to have disappeared. Yes there have been large browns caught mid river.......very few secret holes where they can survive are secret anymore . Newspaper articles w/ pictures showing a 30 inch brown being caught late July and the endless stream of internet hype & exploiting the fishery for personal profit brings on discussion never ending in a positive note. So I'll stop there.
The amount of dollars spent in the past to make the Holston what it used to be are less. Some TWRA guys say it was sorta an experiment when they began & the drought years made it a fantastic place.
I am more than willing to pay a larger share to fund the resource, but I know w/out the money & some "magical management" it will not be anything more than what it is......a warmwater fishery w/ marginal success for trout .
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