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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
There is a positive, and that is the majority of our fish do not come from federal hatcheries.

In all honesty the feds should not be in the business of raising fish. I do not recall reading in the constitution that the govt should provide ample fish for the country. Maybe I missed that section.

Personally I think far too many americans rely on the govt for services, money, or something else to make their lives better. What happened to the americans who wanted govt to stay out of their lives and do only the things which they should do (military etc). If we don't get this insane spending under control it will destroy this nation, and is already to some degree.

TWRA which is funded by us, should be the ones raising fish for stocking purposes and the people who utilize the waters where these fish are stocked should use self control and understand that it isn't necessarily a grocery store.

If you want more fish stocked, create a foundation to raise money to fund hatcheries in this state on the state level. Let the feds fold up. ASk yourself why do we need a US fish and wildlife service? Why does the federal govt need to stock fish?

Agree with this 100 %
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