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Some more scenery:

After lunch we decide to change locations, hoping for better fishing. Again, the scenery was stunning. The fishing, S L O W.

This was more of a mountain stream. Reminded me of the SMNP. It was extremely quiet and peaceful, nothing but the sound of running water. Them all of a sudden, it sounded like a sasquatch was running down the hill. Not gonna lie, I was a little freaked out. Finally, what was causing all the commotion comes into view.

Of course they run right through the nice pool I had been eyeing upstream from me. :evil:
I missed a huge strike further upstream. Of course the one millisecond I look away, that's when the fish strikes. We fish up a good ways and I decide to take a break and just watch the water for a while.

I eventually came to this HUGE pool (relative to the rest of this river).

I saw a few risers and never could get a strike on my dry. The only thing I saw was extremely small midges that I couldn't match anyways. I also noticed a nice size brown cruising around. Maybe around 15" or so. I tied on a smaller streamer and had several hits, but couldn't connect. It was getting dark so we decided to hike out and call it quits.

So if you measure success by the number of fish caught, I failed. If you measure it by the experiences you had, lessons learned and sights you saw, it was a huge success.
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