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Lightbulb Dry Fly Tactics

The South Holston is amazing for hatch activity.

If you find a feeding lie that has fish rising/taking surface bugs; use your dry sulphur and use a high-arch forward cast to land the dry fly right in the middle of the rise. These seems to create a trigger effect and most takes come within seconds of landing. If not; just reset the cast with no additional mechanics besides a new cast.

Be sure to note if they are hitting dries or emergers. This is the difference between 1-3 fish and 15-20 fish. Most of the time they will be hitting emergers.

Also; be sure to
  • apply good flotant often to your dries and
  • to give them just a little twitch every know and then to entice a strike. Dry fly fishing is my favorite and the S. Holston is great for it...
  • be mindful of tippet memory and condition as this will distract the fish while viewing a fly. Good/clean knots are key. Use longer tippet sections than nymph fishing. I like a 4-6' tippet for this type of casting. Beware of the back lash of the fly when casting.
  • also; make sure your fly line gets stretched out (you can do this with a tree if you do not have a hitch-ball handy) before you get on the river to reduce any drag conditions. I like to slick the last 10' or so of my fly line with some grease-flotant.
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