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Default lower Clinch

Fished it this morning from 9:30 till noon. Had a couple on briefly but landed nothing. Wore out my fly box but they weren't interested in anything I had. Fished nymph & midge droppers off a Stimulator (don't care much for strike indicators) and of all things, several strikes came on the Stimulator! Go figure.

Spoke to two others coming off the river, one fly fisherman and one spin fisherman. Neither caught a fish.

The lower Clinch since mid September has been atrocious. I have had only one decent day since then and it wasn't great. But Ms. Annie had fun swimming around after leaves in the water, which were everywhere. Reminded me of fishing in the park. I did land a LOT of leaves!

On the plus side, you'll have plenty of room anywhere you fish. There were only four of us fishing this morning.
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