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Post Underwater Video Observations

Originally Posted by pineman19 View Post

I was just kidding around, I understood what you meant as your posts used to revolve more around your boat trips. I don't take all this too seriously, especially the forum stuff anymore, I prefer to stay on the fringes and catch an occasional trout.

I did not think you were condescending me. I just wanted to clarify to others that may not know my personality that well. Thank you for your kind response and I did not think you owed one...

I like your strategy; it is stealthy and selective. Nice for trout fishing as well...

Blessings bud...

Originally Posted by [URL=""
old east tn boy[/URL]]
MadisonBoats, you are right. Three years ago I was catching two or three times more fish but they were running 12-13 inches with an occasional 16'er but this year they are running 15-16 inches with an occasional 18'er. I have had more to break my line this year too. Although I haven't seen the stripers I have seen some very large carp, even hung one that screamed line off the reel before it broke (probably saved the rod!). If I see them in time and stand very still, I have had a couple of them swim right up to me before spooking.

I like catching the bigger fish but I do miss the fun of catching more fish.
I have seen striper almost every trip that I have drifted. Also; see tons of carp and some large ones at that....However; I have never hooked one. I am sure that would be a huge fight and a task to land.

One thing to note after reviewing hours of underwater videos. It seems to me (based on sample observation of videos):

  • More striped bass are moving upstream and populating the lower 1/3 tailwater and holding over during non generation.
  • More warm-water fish (spotted bass/gar/bluegill) are being noted in the upper tailwater. (I have several of them on my current YouTube Videos) Also; I caught my first small spotted bass at Miller's Island a month ago...
  • Less intermingling of trout type in the lower 1/3 of the tailwater. Compared to the upper tailwater.
  • Brook Trout are noted in 80% of the upper tailwater video and about 20% in the lower tailwater video.
  • Medium to Larger (14-16") Rainbow Trout seem avg in the lower 1/3 of the tailwater.
  • Brown trout are becoming less prevalent on all parts of the river. I wish TWRA would institute a non-harvest on them for a year or two.
  • Fish from Peach Orchard down seem to be more edgy and generally do not reset as quickly in a feeding lie as they do in the upper 1/3 of the tailwater. (My brother caught a 19" spotted bass at P.O. this summer)
  • Many fish in the upper 1/3 of the tailwater have broken line/tippet trailing in their mouth. (we need to work on our tippet knots and fish landing techniques)
I have been organizing my videos and I plan on adding several new ones in the next week or so to my YouTube Channel [link in my signature].

I hope this information is interesting to some and that others may add their own observations so that I can digest them as well.
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