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Originally Posted by Rodonthefly View Post
I was told that, TVA can't really do anything to you, but they will make your good day, bad by giving you **** for doing it. The time is near, that I try it.

Now question is say they run 1 from 10 till 1 and the turn 2 on at 1. Is it better to do it on 1 or 2 gens? Where ya at Jim?
The big issues are:
  1. potential damage done to the dam structure
  2. heightened state of security alert at TVA Locations
  3. risk at putting rescue personnel at harm
  4. increase of incidents due to non enforcement
Not that this whole thing is a big-deal in the grand scheme of things; but, there are potential issues. Plus; you would be surprised at how much the upper tail-water is under video surveillance.
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