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Originally Posted by Trico View Post
I have been over the weir a couple of times in a drift boat with someone else doing the rowing. I asked about this short time ago with waterwolf being the only one to reply that he had done it. I am an inexperienced drift boat operator but that does not stop me from having an opinion. Being the passenger it seemed rather simple. I think as long as you go over straight or just at a very slight angle you are fine. The times I have been over were rather smooth and quick. I think the big danger is going over side ways. With the "steps" this weir seems to be more like going down a "slide" then over a dam. Perhaps waterwolf could add to this. There is the question of whether it is legal or not.

It seems simple enough to keep a drift boat straight, and it is, however it has always amazed me how hard it is for some rowers to do this. That said, it is also tricky doing it in heavy current, and drops like the weir. The force of the water where it shallows up to make the drop is incredible, and can easily pivot a boat and if a person isn't really experienced can cause major issues.
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