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Default Smart Phone Help?

Hey Folks,

I need help. First, I don't use a cell phone. I have one for emergencies. Probably use 10 minutes per year. It is just a pre-paid phone.

I need a smart phone, probably an I-Phone to test QR codes in the shop. Maybe an I-Pad would do it. That would be preferred because I could use it at home where we do have a wireless router. I will need to scan a QR Code next to a item, then make sure it takes me to our website and to a specific page. I don't want to pay for service from Verizon, AT & T or Sprint unless I have to. The phone would only be used in our building for testing. We do not have a wireless router in the building. I ran thousands of feet of cat 5 wire myself when the building was built.

So, can I use an I-phone or I-pad without using a service by simply installing a wireless router? I guess I could turn the router on when I needed to do some testing, then shut it down.

I would really appreciate your help. I know absolutely nothing about smart phones. And, I don't want to use one for anything other than testing. If an I-Pad would do the job it would be multi use.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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