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Hi Shawn,

You are very helpful to me and all of us. Thank you for your comments. I think we are going to use an I-Pad as the testing device. Our IT guys in Alcoa can plug in the wireless router in the right spot. We have a full T1 and the modem is like none I have ever seen. Maybe the router can be plugged into one of the network jacks or in the patch board at our server.

You are right, we need a mobile inventory device to access our POS system. I know that can be done but I don't know at what cost. Our POS software only allows 5 users at once in the configuration we have now. Two cash registers leave us only 3 for everyone else who is not ringing up an order.

We need to talk sometime. I will meet you wherever you say. I want to hear about this boat business. I've done startups and acquisitions. I love to discuss business plans and models.

Thank you for all of your help for me and the members here.

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