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Default Dry fly sizes on tailwaters

I hope that Lumber Jack will tolerate us for getting into more depth about flies used on the tailwaters.
If you fish the Clinch, or the Holston, below Cherokee you will find Sulfurs hatching strongly every late Spring and into early summer. I love using a fly that I tie called the Tan Wulff because of it's ability to float high and support a dropper. I fish it in sizes #14-16 as the season progresses. If you fish the South Holston or the Watauga Rivers you can use the same Tan Wulff for Sulfurs or other patterns that match the Sulfur Dun. On the Watauga River there are lots of Caddis that go up to size #12-16 as well as several other dry fly patterns. The Elk Hair Caddis or several foam type bodies work well here. On the Holston, below Cherokee we have at least 2 types of Caddis that we try to imitate and the popular sizes for them are #16-20-22. Being able to identify insects on the water and match them is really helpful.
Yesterday on the Holston, below Cherokee I made my first trip since July and there were quite few small Caddis hatching at mid river.

The water temps at mid river was 59 degrees and 62 degrees at the dam. I hope this gives some insight.
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