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Originally Posted by troutslayer3393 View Post
My college is about 10 minutes away from the SOHO dam. I've just recently had enough time to start going up there to fish. I went today for the first time and was not as sucessful as I thought I would be. Fish were rising to sulphers and BWOs but they wouldn't take my CDC sulphur. The size matched and the drifts were okay but just no takers. Do you all have any suggestions on flies, places to fish etc....
In the fall and winter I have had more luck on midges then anything else, small bhpts and split case sulpher nymphs work well also. I'm not great up there but I can hold my own. This is the best I know to tell you. If I knew more I would tell you more. One thing I have found is Rod and Matt Champion at South Holston fly shop are good guys and will shoot you right on what they are eating. Most and I say most locals stay tight lipped when it comes to the South Holston. I hope this has help alittle. There's other on here that might be able to help you more then I have.
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