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Originally Posted by flyguys View Post
Being a newbie to the sport I was just wandering what everyones opinion is on this looped no knot leader/tippet system. Are they worth it or is a system designed to catch fisherman instead of fish. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, flyguys
Hi Flyguys,

Let me start by saying that I have not used Orvis' new no-knot leader/tippet system. Personally it seems **** pricey to get (5) 3 ft sections of tippet for $10! I am quite satisfied with the leader system I use - furled

If you are looking at the no-knot system because you don't like tying surgeon's knots every time you need to add some tippet to your tapered leader, you might want to look at furled leaders as well..

I use Big Sky (LRO carries these) or Streamside brand furled leaders. Both brands have a tiny silver ring that you tie your tippet to with an easy cinch or pitzen knot. Furled leaders turn over your tippet better, knot less frequently, and are much much easier to get knots out of if you do manage to get a knot in it. Furled leaders last several seasons, not several outings (like tapered mono leaders). Furled leaders can be made from different types of line as well. I have them made from Uni, Spectra, and Mono.

Originally Posted by kentuckytroutbum View Post

I've not had much success with looped lines & leaders. For me, they seem to generate wind knots, and tangles more that tied connections. I cut off the loop and use knots to secure the fly line to the leader.

The marketing ads say that you can change your leader out quickly, but how many times does that really happen? Usually a tied leader will last me about 2 weeks before it becomes too short and I need to change it out.

But, there may be those who like the looped lines. I do have to admit that a looped line is easier to change out, in lieu of tying a nail knot or an Albright knot, but I've never had such knots to fail on me. It seems to me that a tied connection turns the fly over readily, as opposed to a "loose" connection.


The leaders that flyguys was asking about are not only knotless connecting leader to flyline, but place a loop between the butt section of the leader and the tippet. Not only do you avoid the nail knot at the fly line but also the surgeons knot to add tippet.. Sounds like you'd be doubly against them?
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