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Originally Posted by kentuckytroutbum View Post

I've not had much success with looped lines & leaders. For me, they seem to generate wind knots, and tangles more that tied connections. I cut off the loop and use knots to secure the fly line to the leader.

The marketing ads say that you can change your leader out quickly, but how many times does that really happen? Usually a tied leader will last me about 2 weeks before it becomes too short and I need to change it out.

But, there may be those who like the looped lines. I do have to admit that a looped line is easier to change out, in lieu of tying a nail knot or an Albright knot, but I've never had such knots to fail on me. It seems to me that a tied connection turns the fly over readily, as opposed to a "loose" connection.

I completely agree and I do the same thing. I believe it is imperative to keep your fly line + Leader + tippet firmly connected and with limited bends or kinks. Also, I am a big fan of using a leather tippet/leader straightener. Many of the Orvis Publications frown on this tool; but, it works great for me!

*One tip: When you tie your connecting knots; dip them in to the water at the beginning of the process and it will help hold them in alignment while completely the knot.

Also, if you are just wanting to speed up or make tying knots easier; look at one of the many knot tying tools on the market. I have used the brass Cinch Tie for many years and you can change flies out in less than a minute.

Link to the :[Tru-Blood Knot Tyer]
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