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Once again we rolled into camp at almost the exact time the dinner bell rang and once again a hot hearty meal spread more contentment through my stomach and my mood. I skipped dessert so I could see the sunset which was framed perfectly over the majesty of the Little Yosemite Valley. The hour or so of the sunset were one of the most beautiful and inspiring things I have ever witnessed, and yes I had a couple of sips of bourbon and a cigar while I sat in sheer silent awe watching the sublime spectacle that was slowly playing out before me. I am not a deeply religious man but I do believe strongly in God and the majesty that he brought to this world this night was one of the most awesome demonstrations of beauty that I could ever imagine let alone have the pleasure to witness. It would to me, be impossible to witness what was going on around me and not recognize God’s existence in some form or another, to say it was all cosmic chance that just happened to meld into beauty of this magnitude was simply not something my little mortal mind could believe… … and somewhere deep in my heart I knew I didn’t want to believe that either … … I wanted and needed to believe in the majesty of God and the grandeur of his world, and I needed this beauty to seep deep into my heart and settle my troubled spirit. But while I was conscious of those thoughts I really wasn’t thinking about any of that as much as I was just experiencing it as it unfolded before my eyes. These pictures trace that scenic transformation, and while I think they are beautiful they don’t even capture half of the magic of that sunset. But here they are as limited and one dimensional as they may be.

And with that, darkness descended and we retired to a roaring campfire but those last few haunting moments of sunset will stay with me my entire life as will the memories of my trip to the Little Yosemite Valley. I can’t remember when a trip served to revive me body soul and mind as much as this one did … … sometime when you are feeling your lowest… … God and nature can provide you the relief and beauty you have been searching for, so yet once again… … thank you God for the beauty of your world and for letting me experience it to this magnitude and also for giving me friends to share it with.

Dick Davis
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