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Originally Posted by 77punk View Post
cool. i didn't know if midges come off in numbers like that. still learning here, one day i'll be useful enough to help one of y'all out. i would pay to see the scud nutcracker ballet being eaten by trout. i do like some tchaikovsky now and then
I love listening to some of the classics on headphones while fly fishing. Just be extra self-aware.

There are plenty of different midge hatches in the winter. You can throw dry or emergent midge patterns if you are working a hatch and a rise. The main colors I use are black, tan, burnt orange, and olive drab.

As for scuds dancing; seems like most of them were doing that in Sept/Aug. A good active scud pattern is the 'Trout Crack' version. Search the NET; for the recipe. It is an easy tie.
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