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I have been fishing Tenkara for nearly three years and I must say you have the most complicated line set up of any I have heard of. It really boggles my mind.

It might be your terminology. The line coming from the rod is called the line, then you have a tippet.

The line should have a designation of 2.5 to 5 which is fluorocarbon. Now that is the Japanese number designation for the line which does not refer to the poundage of the line.

The furled line is used for drys as it floats whereas fluoro sinks and has a tendency to pull drys under.

Lines are usually about a foot shorter than the rod then the tippet is added in different lengths. I use a loop to loop connection for the ease of changing the tippet. The tippet on TenkaraUSA rods should be no heavier than 5X.

One other thing some and I have done this is to add to the line you add 8 ins of OX then 8 ins of 1X; 8 ins of 2X then your tippet in what ever length you want.
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