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Headed down that way tomorrow for the weekend, renting a cabin with the wife right on the river. It's always hit or miss in regards to fishing this time of year(it's the only time of year I've been there, we go every year this time).
I will report back, little midges with some sparkle have worked for me in the past, usually just 12" truckers, but still fun.

Sidenote: my buddy was a passenger in a dually truck driving down the Parksville hwy between Benton and Parksville lake and said a 250 lb bear came running full speed and hit the truck in the rear bumper knocking it off and killing the bear. This happened in the last week, they called TWRA and Highway Patrol. They checked it's gums for tattoos and told them they could have the bear as long as they didn't sell any of the parts. His buddy tanning the hide to make a rug.
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