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Originally Posted by David Knapp View Post
This is going to be a long winter for tailwater fisherman at the rate things have been going...guess I'll be hitting the mountains more despite the cold temperatures. Better to be out on a stream than not fishing at all...
Yes, it does seem to be above average for late-year precipitation. Maybe we can assume that we may get more than average snowfall this winter. I bet there will be some significant snow at Mt. Leconte this evening. I guess I will be stuck at home tying flies and watching videos until the Clinch eases up. Looks like that may be mid-January at this rate.

BTW; I drifted the Clinch last Saturday from the 61 Bridge to Clinton City Park Ramp-don't ask me why; basically because of logistics and time constraints. The water was flowing pretty hard and I did not even see a fish; much less catch one. I am sure most of the fish were holding steady at the bottom or hugging the banks to conserve energy and to be efficient feeders. I saw tons of trash, a few gnats, one sunk boat, a child's 4 wheeler, and some beavers foraging on the bank. It was nice to get out on the water and in the sunshine. But, the fishing sure stank.
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