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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
This goes back to why I was so adamantly opposed to the stupid guide tax being proposed. It is also why I find it offensive when TWRA complains about not having any money.

TWRA is the worst fish and wildlife management organization in the country. No other state would squander the resources they do, and no other state would do such a horrid job of managing the resources they have.

It really is difficult to find one good thing TWRA does, or has done, but there is one.....Wild Turkeys. TWRA did do that, and did it well. However, now they have raised limits to the point of absurdity and the quality of hunting is diminished in the last few years.

Remember they restocked Canada Geese for all of us to enjoy. An awful govt agency, which should be the example of how not to manage fish and game.
If you think TWRA is bad check out VA's game dept. they are worse. You guys have 100% better trout fishing than VA. I hardly even trout fish in VA anymore. I do most of mine in the Vol state. VA has so many streams that could be with the proper regs and enforcement great fisheries but all they are interested in is put and take. So that the truck chasers will be happy. Sorry about the rant!
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