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Well I for one am thankful that 1. they even bother to stock these streams and spring creeks, 2. that they bother to tell me when I should expect that there will be Trout in these waters, that around here are marginal Trout water at best.
I've used these schedules to help me pick places to fish when other places weren't fishing well and I almost never keep any fish and I almost never saw anyone else utilizing these places. Most of them in my region are in secluded locations that aren't as conducive to bait fishing as the tailwaters and aren't known for holding over lots of fish. It would sadden me greatly if the decision was made to axe the spring creek stocking because it wasn't being utilized enough to justify the cost in these tough economic times. .

While I don't see the need to give the exact date,, if they didn't provide this data I almost guarantee there would be accusations that TWA trucks are stocking their buddies streams with our Trout etc, etc...

I hope this didn't come across as condescending or smart a-- because it isn't how I intended it. Just an opinion from someone who uses the data and doesn't keep fish.
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