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My best fish of the year was a 15+ inch wild rainbow, caught in a Virginia blueline, 2/17/11. Not a great pic, but I was trying to work quickly to get her released, I did not have a net that day.

My best brown of the year was this 10-11 inch wild brown caught in a NC blueline on 3/08/11.

My best brook trout was this 9.5 inch wild brook caught in a NC blueline on 5/21/11 and again on 7/11/11. The brook was caught in the same hole on the same fly both times. +1 for catch and release.



As we all know about the one that got away, on 2/23/11, I caught a 17+ inch wild brown in VA that refused to have his picture taken, biggest brown I have ever caught. On 9/11/112, I caught a wild brook in NC that was at least 11 inches, biggest brook I have ever caught, he also refused to have his picture taken. At least Oldman saw that fish, so I have a witness.

I did catch some stockers one day in winter of 2011 that were larger than these fish, but I only count wild, stream born fish.
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