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Originally Posted by tjw37909 View Post
I'm starting my 2012 resolution today by respectfully withdrawing from this forum. I have a great respect for Byron, Paula, and 95 percent the people on this forum, but the 5% of hypocritical ramblers on here have become more than I can stand. I will still check the fishing report daily and check Plateau Angler's blog, but I can't get on here and read all these stories about fishing the smokies by people who live hundreds of miles away. The majority the real great smokies fishermen who need to be telling stories live here and are not on the forum much because of all the rambling and self proclaimed experts already on here. I won't stir up s#%t by naming names, but I will name one incident unrelated to fishing that pushed me to the point that I need to withdraw from this forum in order to hold my tongue. A partner of a man on this forum recently took two men on a guiding hunting trip just outside the GSMNP in a residential area for dumpster bears. Only 100ft from the side of a busy road this guide had his clients shoot a mother bear which had two small cubs standing by her side. Unfortunately for this guide a local business owner witnessed the incident and called a local agency and an investigation was launched and the story was spread. If anyone has further questions feel free to email Byron and Paula, thank you for what you do for the sport and I in no way associate you or your business with the unsportsmanlike activities I mentioned here. You provide us all a great service. Please deactivate my account upon reading this. I wish good fishing and good luck to the 95% of you who fish for the love of the sport, and to the other 5%............karma is a bitch. One day it will catch up to you.
I can understand your frustrations and you make valid points. However; there will always be people here and there that we do not agree with or do not like. Accepting this point and not allowing it to dictate what you do will breath rejuvenation in to your spirit. I have used your approach a few times on other things and I guess I felt a little selfish looking back on it. I am sure Byron and Paula will probably just let you account stay. They really do not have the time nor do I expect they desire to police these forums. I do hope you stay on the forum and I see that you have a significant amount of contributions by your post count.

I say fight the urge to surrender to the actions of others and never let that influence your passions and freedoms! I have done that and it only hurt myself and segregated my options. I know there are great people on this forum and I know many I have made friends with personally are spectacular people. I would have never met them and experienced life with them if I would not have posted. I hope you can step back a bit and let your frustrations settle. I am willing to help you in any way if I can. Not sure about bear hunting or what I could do; but, I do not like poaching or people breaking laws.

Again; keep your spirit up and NEVER let people or their actions influence your desires.
“Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will, & creative imagination.
These give us the ultimate human freedom... The
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