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Default floating the Clinch on 2

So I have been tying a lot of streamers over the past few days. I got a sinking line for Christmas and I'm wanting to float the Clinch and try out these new goodies. I have floated a lot on one with much luck but I haven't really floated much on 2 gens. Now I know droping anchor is pretty much out of the question. Now would you guys beat the banks and fish the log jams an such? Or would it be better to just cast blind? I'm thinking with all the high water these fish will be held in tight to cover. Your guys thoughts on this? Also what are your go to streamers? I have buggers ,bunnies, slump busters, is there anything I'm missing? Any info would be great to incress my chances this cabin fever is getting to me in a bad kind of way.
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