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My brother Al, the most senior of the six-pack of us Turners, is my mentor. He gave me a few casting lessons and took me on my first trip on Watauga River several years ago. I was addicted. This fall Al returned from what could be his last trek to his beloved western US with the need for major back surgery. He is presently undergoing intense rehabilitation with the goal of walking once again. My money is on his doing just that. He was a career professional in the wood products industry and a pioneering GIS specialist. He could have been an accomplished musician or bestselling novelist, but he much preferred being in, over pickin' 'n singin' or writing about, the outdoors. He was especially fond of flyfishing, so much so he fished in all fifty states. More on that to follow.

Al, as do I, like this written by Theodore Gordon:

"Time flies so fast after youth is past that we cannot accomplish one-half the many things we have in mind, or indeed one-half our duties. The only safe and sensible plan is to make other things give way to the essentials, and the first of these is flyfishing."

I like these personal accounts by Al…

"I'm quite fond of fishing, especially fly fishing. I fish, not to catch fish, but because I find them in such beautiful places.

I am an advocate of 'catch and release' because a trout is much too beautiful to be caught only once. Release, however, does not become an issue until you catch; a fact that some of my more insensitive fishing buddies have pointed out to me on more that one occasion. "

His entertaining article, “Fish I Have Known” includes these gems:

"The Del Rio Kid:
This beautiful 19" cutthroat or "cutbow" trout - not sure which - that I hooked in this bend of the Delores River near Del Rio in southwestern Colorado. It was one of those perfect holes where you always expect to hook a big trout but never do - except on this occasion. I drifted a Grey Ghost streamer under the log and he nailed it! We fought to a draw on that beautiful day in October, 1994. I took his pic, revived him and let him go. I hope he is still under that log in the bend of the river.

Larry, Darrell and Darrell:
The 18" rainbow and the two 19" browns caught and released on the Hiwassee River in southeastern Tennessee. There was a blanket hatch and fish were rising all over the place. I had hooked not a one until these boys came by and saved the day. Thanks guys. The world needs more dumb trout. Anything for a buck, huh?

The Brown Bomber of Sportsman's Hole:
Last and certainly biggest is the brown estimated at 20 pounds that I had on for two jumps in the White River in Arkansas. My heart is still pounding. I stood in that hole all day the next day and caught pneumonia."

Lastly, here is Al's account of "Fishing All 50":

"At approximately 11:00 AM, Hawaiian Standard time, on June 14, 1999, I made my 3rd cast into Lake Wilson in the historic town of Wahiawa, Hawaii and thus accomplished my goal of fishing in all 50 states of the US.

I have also managed to fish in several provinces of Canada; North Yorkshire, UK; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and Queensland, Australia."

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