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My father was the kind of guy who gave up a lot to take his only kid (me) fishing. We lived on a farm in Shadeville, Ohio. The dairy operation was at my uncle's farm on Parsons Avenue- on Big Walnut Creek, home of some great fishing and huge catfish. One was reported to be over six feet long but that's another story. My uncle's farm is now covered with horse barns for Scioto Downs. Now on with the father had promised to take me fishing but something on the farm came up, as it does on a farm. I told him, "But you promised!" Six months later, he sold his interest in the farm, moved to Grove City and took work in Columbus. Let me mention that this was a top notch farm; Dad and Uncle Mike sold Jersey cattle to some of the top dairies in the country. His job had an outdoor club with several acres and a pond with bass and bluegill near Westerville, Ohio. Dad was the one who got me started fishing, on the farm and later, at several places where we lived. We only went trout fishing in Cherokee in 1958. Flyfishing came later. After I left home, the tradition continued. Now I have four grandsons and two granddaughters. Three of the boys are into fishing and have custom rods made by yours truly.
John Torchick
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