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My father introduced me to fishing before I was two...this was fresh water pond and lake fishing mostly with cane poles and worms....he instilled the patience all fishermen need....I began fly fishing for bream and bass as a result of a friendship in junior high school....when I took the next step it was at the feet of my grandfather that I studied fishing for the mountain trout...I can always remember my grandfather and his long cane rod strolling off from our family picnics heading up whatever stream we were next grandfather fished the Park until he was 82 and his doctor said he had to stop...while he never taught me the fundamentals about casting or mending a line what I learned while watching him work whatever water it was we were on was invaluable and I have passed a lot of this on to my son now that he is following us as a forth generation participant....when I was finally able to hold my own with him I can still remember the pride he took when I would match creels with him...I can still hear him answering my grandmother when she would ask when to expect us home from fishing with his standard reply..."We will be home when you see us."
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