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Default Happy New Years

I guess I can chime in on this too. I used to make several/many fishing trip reports a year, but haven't made a single one since March, when Travis, Jeremy, and I went fishing. The reason I haven't made any is simply, I haven't fished anywhere that I would consider interesting enough to report on. My interests this past year was more on traditional archery and less on fishing. Most evenings, when I would normally be fishing, you could find me at the bow range shooting a longbow. The few times I did fish, it was somewhere roadside or the Clinch, and I took very few pictures.

Another thing to consider is sometimes peoples lives just get in the way. I keep in touch with several forum members who no longer post like they used to, and they aren't posting for the same reason's as I; interests change, divorce (not me), new jobs, lost job, new kids etc.

As for the shooting of the bear, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be talking about me. One of my hunting buddies did kill a 400 pound bear just outside Townsend this past October, but it was a male. However, its "thing" was so small, someone unknowing might have thought it was a female. (When I die, I hope I don't come back as a bear)

I also prefer to refer to them as buddies and not partners.

* Edit * I almost forgot, I also had an injury in April that kept me from trying to balance myself on greased bowling balls for about 3 months.
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