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You've opened a topic of much great debate. I "carry", also, a canister of COUNTER ASSAULT bearspray! My 12 ga. with 00 buckshot and slugs is too bulky to carry fishing (:>). I do support the right to bear arms but after working in the Shoshone Forest in Wyoming I have reservations about using them.

First I'd stick with my shotgun-Any target with probably die laughing at my accuracy and effectiveness, with a handgun. (I'm not Matt Dillon and things happen fast). The past couple summers, in the Greater Yellowstone, I've seen people making risky choices due to a false sense of security, because they are carrying. "Playing Cowboy". Studies show with Grizzly attacks, Bear spray is almost 100% as a deterant, when a firearm was used there was only around 50% effectiveness.

Second, In Montana last fall , one guy shot and killed his partner in the confusion during a bluff charge by a Griz. I like a Non-lethal and extremely effective alternative. As I was told by our NFS L.E.O., Bear Spray is extremely effective on People, dogs, etc. I know of cases where it has been used on Buffalo and Moose.

Although, again, support a person's right to carry. I, personally, just have to question the effectiveness of hand gun vs. spray in almost any scenerio we might encounter fishing in the park.
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