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As far as the original post, Packing Heat In The Park, I will add these comments. First of all, I do take my .45 or 9mm with me when I go to the park. I usually camp at one of the front country sites. If I hike into the back country to do some fishing I take one or the other with me, not so much for protection against wildlife, but for protection against wild people. I've met a few, but managed to avoid them. Best policy, I think. I also carry bear spray, which I think would be more effective than a firearm under sudden surprise by a bear. Carrying a firearm, if you've been trained, and smart about it demands a high degree of situational awareness. Unfortunately, that runs very contrary to my reason for being there to begin with. I want to absorb myself with the sights and sounds of the forest, the stream, the smell of the trees, and all those good things. I am there to get lost in nature and focus on trying to remember what to do to get Mr. or Mrs. Trout to strike my fly. I don't want a dreaded scenario processing in the back of my mind about what I would do if I meet a bear or a methmaker back in the woods. So that thought process automatically diminishes my concentration and enjoyment of fishing. I don't always take my firearm with me. Maybe I should, but the added weight of a fully loaded .45 1911A1 on my hip is a huge physical reminder that doesn't let me slip fully into that place in my mind, I go when I trout fish.

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