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Lauxier--I don't have numbers on rangers today as opposed to say two or three decades ago, but I think much of the seldom check issue focuses on decisions out of Sugarlands. The rangers patrol the frontcountry, period, and you see Crown Vics rather than what was once commonplace, a ranger on foot in remote areas.
I have mentioned this to both Steve Moore and Matt Kulp and they both would love to see more anglers checked. I just don't think it is a priority, and I really don't think backcountry campsites are either.
Maybe I'm seeing hobgoblins where they don't exist, but like Whitefeather I'm "wary of management that includes deceit in their reasoning process" and I fear this backcountry camping fees proposal is but one step towards bureaucratic extraction of a lot of money. I hope I'm wrong.
Jim Casada
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