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Originally Posted by David Knapp View Post
Were you using both full sinking and sinktip lines or just the sinktip? I've never had too much trouble with full sinking (people I fish with will probably say otherwise ) but wonder if the sinktip will get down as well...
We used just the sink tip, being newbies at the whole high water streamer game I can't speak for full sinking lines cause I haven't fished them. I can say I did about loose the new sink tip I had got for Christmas by hanging the bottom. The streamers I tied and used for this trip were only weighted with a brass bead. I didn't use tungsten beads on any of these flys. However I will say that since I grew up on the river and know the river bottom well fishing the real deep pools was a little tougher, I say that simply because I know weren't on the bottom in these areas. Again we are newbies in fishing this way so any advice you want to pass along feel free.
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