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Originally Posted by Rodonthefly View Post
We used just the sink tip, being newbies at the whole high water streamer game I can't speak for full sinking lines cause I haven't fished them. I can say I did about loose the new sink tip I had got for Christmas by hanging the bottom. The streamers I tied and used for this trip were only weighted with a brass bead. I didn't use tungsten beads on any of these flys. However I will say that since I grew up on the river and know the river bottom well fishing the real deep pools was a little tougher, I say that simply because I know weren't on the bottom in these areas. Again we are newbies in fishing this way so any advice you want to pass along feel free.
Rod, it sounds like you guys are giving it a good shot already. I mostly subscribe to Kelly Galloup's ideas and stay with unweighted flies. They move much better in the water but of course this means that you are trusting your line completely to get the fly down. I do fish heavily weighted flies some as well, mostly using ones with big dumbell eyes or zonkers... One of the keys is the retrieve. You want the streamer to be retrieved perpendicular to the current so the fish are getting a larger silhouette. Boat speed is crucial to making this work....
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