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I am now older than I like to admit....have fished the Tn. side of the Park for 50 years...I used to literally run up and down these streams while fishing with little thought of potential damage to my body...I still love to fish these streams but I guess sensibility comes with experience(old age)...there are places I won't fish just because of the depth of the water or the distance between landing places...if I am not carrying a man-made staff I will find one before wading across certain places...I keep finding my self looking at a jump up, down or across that in my youth there would be no hesitation...but...there are plenty of places along all the streams that I fish where access from the bank is available and good water is fishable....I have never possessed waders and have always wet waded so when the weather is too cool I have oftern fished the banks without the need for rock hopping.
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