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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
Coal creek is a piss trickle which comes into the river most days, you are talking about 1/10 the flow coming out of that creek if that. It certainly isn't the whole river like the Cherokee streams.
True, but the quality of the flow out-ways the amount. One drop of oil can pollute gallons of water. Plus, the amount of debris the continually comes out of there is amazing.
What could possibly pollute Hind's Creek? A few cows? Hinds Creek doesn't flow through anything except for cow pastures and woods. Don't understand this example.
Several of the factories in the new I-75 Industrial Park have been sited by the EPA for letting high levels of heavy metals get in to the sewer system and runoff. It gets all the runoff from the garbage dump and Clinton Exit. And; yes run off from livestock can cause problems; but, I believe that is a dying bunch with all the development.
The fish quality is outstanding below 61 bridge, and the benthic life takes a major hit from water depth which correlates to no weed growth which is vital to the limited species that inhabit the Clinch. Nothing related to run off or pollution is affecting the lower Clinch tailwater. The problem is the fish population is low (stripers/muskie) and poor habitat are the reasons, not water quality.
I agree that the drastic water depth change changes the dynamic. Also; I do think the stripers have a huge affect in that region. Not sure about the muskies; as I have not seen any that far up yet. I know they are thick at the steam plant. I do notice all the factory discharge areas in the Clinch with their EPA Notices. I looked up some of the numbers on the internet and the chemical makeup was very alarming-even though most samples were within their permit levels. Also; the City of Clinton's sewer system overflows/leaches in the Clinch all the time. I can attest to that living along the river and seeing feminine products overflowing in to the streets and yards.
Sewage, pollution, industrial discharge, etc etc does not mean a reduction in benthic life or fish health. For example the Holston above Rogersville is seriously impacted by Kingsport and the Eastman plant, however it has huge hatches and a very healthy fish population. The Pigeon River which is still horribly polluted has monster insect hatches and unbelievable fish health. I could go on and on and on with examples.

The nastiness of Cherokee is more of an aesthetic nasty then anything else. The fish are straight out of the truck stockers which have little redeeming qualities other then they are a trout, and good for passing a little time.
I was not trying to insult you; I was just trying to use this point to help illustrate that this is a huge issue for all of us and we need to work together to combat it to protect our natural resources. Anderson County and Clinton is willing to sell its soul to get some/any business. I believe we have to be careful and maintain our codes enforcement, EPA Reviews, Etc. A large coal plant was closed in Devonia-Briceville last week for dumping high levels of runoff in to the streams. We all need to think about this stuff and to speak our minds.

Sorry to side track the topic!
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