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You can wade many places on one generator. You can cross the swinging bridge and go down the RR tracks. Look for a metal stairway and the gauging station. Wade in there. You can wade downstream and fish the edge of the weedbeds along the main channel- just be careful. From the RR side out is OK; the main channel is toward the road. As mentioned, there are some dropoffs but you can spot them easily. The thing I find difficult is negotiating the slanted ledges. Go to for more info; Hiwassee Chapter of TU website. Winter time is decent. I was out las Friday with a couple of chapter members who invited me to join them in a driftboat. They did a lot better than be with purple or line green wooly buggers. I was limited in flies. BTW, there are hatch charts and fly recipes on that website. Post on the website forum- you might find someone who will meet you there and show you around. I am retired and fish during the week- contact me through my website- info@hiwasseecustomrods. Weekends are GKD- grandkids day. Soccer, football, basketball, baseball, etc.
John Torchick
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