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Originally Posted by nunavut4 View Post
I have fished there a few times over the last two years. Pink San Juan and trail a peach Egg to start with. Then try a black or brown stone fly trailed off of the worm. Black Wooly buggers with a pheasant tail or black wetfly trailed off. Now if you see one of those golden trout you can keep sane and ignore it or toss really bright buggers at it, orange, pink etc.
One of the few perks of fishing there nature wise is that you may see some of the Elk that live over there. Hope you have a good time with your friends.
Thanks Mark. I am not totally sold on the trophy waters yet. I might spend my time on deep creek, bradley fork and possibly the Tuck DH. We'll see. What size stones? Could I get away with sz14-16, or is it a must to go smaller?
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