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Originally Posted by pineman19 View Post
LUCRO stands for Landowners and Users of the Clinch River Organization. They were very vocal against the slot limits that were imposed on the Clinch River several years ago.

You can google lucro, clinch river, tn and you'll pull up some articles on them.

LUCRO was very active in the rearing of trout at the TVA lab below Norris for release in the Clinch, they supported stream bank stabilization projects both on the river and the tributaries (many members put in many hours of sweat equity in the projects), they helped assist TWRA in their studies of the Clinch, they eld the fight to prevent fishing during the spawn on Clear Creek, nthey felt the river management should be based on science, etc

Yes they did and still do oppose the slot limits as the science showed the perceived problems with fish quality was do to higher than normal flows over the study period as well as excessive stocking particularly of fingerling sized fish and other things. TWRA never met with user groups as required (they held one public meetings to show their data and said at that meeting they would hold meetings with all interested groups if they felt the regs should change), they are also on record as stating and their data supports they can control what is taken out/caught by how they stock. LUCRO was in favor of a fly fishing area only below the dam, adding a couple of handicap access pts, along the river, etc

LUCRO is not the villain that some want to portray them as
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