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Originally Posted by RuningWolf View Post
One of the problems we noticed over the past few years is the river level is staying higher longer on the lower river. How does this add to what you’ve noticed would be only speculation
The higher levels are due to TVA running more water during generating times due to the increased efficiency of the generators at higher flow levels as well as increased discharge times for the pulse (They use to run for around 45 minutes now they run around 1 ˝ hours), the weekend flow rate is also causing higher levels on the lower end (You use o could wade there all day, even with the pulse-no more)
Add in the change in the level of Norris is kept higher in winter months due to several factors and the entire average yearly environment of the river is changed
(Note I have hooked into a few muskies just up river of the Hwy 61 bridge fishing streamers, but I have never landed one)
The recent changes (past ~5yrs) in TVA's release patterns will be interesting to see how it affects the Clinch. I am not experienced enough with the lower end of the tail-water to elaborate on any of the noticeable changes. Hopefully, we can all work together to share information on this forum and others to help protect and promote our sport. I appreciate you taking the time to give your input and information.

I cannot imagine catching a muskie on a fly rod. That would be a 'bucket list' experience for sure!
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