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Based purely on personnel preference...

I have fished everything with a 9' 4wt. for about all the years that I've been into fly fishing. While this has been limited mainly to trout and smaller fish, I have never felt the need to go to another rod. I have since added to my rod selection here recently and while happy to "pick" a rod for the day, I still go back to that 4wt on more park streams than you would think. I did break down and buy a 7' 4pc rod expecting it would be a really great small stream rod and to be honest, it has become an awesome bluegill rod! In the mountains it just didn't do it for me and I actually find my 7'9" is pushing it regarding how much rod length I am comfortable with and often want more. However, I have never had any issues fishing even the smallest park streams with it. Also something to think about is that as you go shorter, you often end up gaining "stiffness" which may or may not be desirable when fishing really small waters for small trout. At least that is what I experienced when I gave my 7' a go...

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