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Lightbulb Found/Returned-Gear [Clinch River]

Just wanted to remind your to write your name on your gear. You can take a tooth pick and some paint to do this on your rods. Also; print a small mailing label with your name & # to put inside your reel next to the line sticker. Cover it with some scotch tape to protect.

The gear I found this past weekend was marked with a Sharpie Marker and the person had his name and number on it. I did not find all of his gear; but, if you found any gear on the Clinch this weekend; please let me know so we can get it back to this kind gentleman.

Please take a moment to use a Sharpie and write your name & # on the backs of your fly boxes. Then; you at-least have a chance at getting it back. Also; a good tip for digital cameras is to create a (contact info) notepad or wordpad text file and save it to the camera's on board storage while connected to your pc. You can save one to the memory card as well.

Another neat idea is to take a picture of an envelope with your return address and save it on the memory card. Then; go in to the memory card while it is connected to your PC via My-computer, open the camera's folder and find the file with your address picture. Rename it something like "Owner Info". *Next and most import; right-click on the image and change the properties to [read-only]. This will keep it from getting copied and deleted in your future pictures transfers. However; it will be there if someone finds it.

I hope these ideas help you get back your gear and save you some anxiety in the future.
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