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Default No fish, but a good weekend in Cherokee

Fish or no fish, I had a great time hanging out with everyone. I never got the skunk off the entire trip. So no fish pics for me.
Friday afternoon on the Oconoluftee...

I wonder why they call them the smoky mountains?

Only one person caught a fish in the trophy water, a nice 20" rainbow

Friday night activities..

A few decided to pass time tying flies...

Saturday was rainy crappy weather that finished off what fishable water wasn't ruined by Friday's rain.....but we still tried to fish Deep Creek by the lodge

A few guys caught several 10-12" rainbows. But most of us struck out.

Saturday night was more of the same: drinking, hanging out, and eating good. Grilled amberjack fillets, cocktail sausages, pork loin, boston butt, chili, etc. Woke up Sunday and everybody parted ways. We decided to go up to higher water with hopes that brook trout would cooperate and hopefully the water would be lower and slower around Chimney Tops....

The water was clear, but the rocks were slicker than owl s%#@ and the water was too fast..

I saw a good pool that I just knew would hold a fish....

..but it didn't. Didn't even see one spook off.

The view of the stream from the trail...

We snapped a quick group photo and headed back with the smell of skunk. Had a great time just being outside and hanging out smoking cigars and drinking with the guys. Come spring, I need redemption.........
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