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Okay; so the "sound" went out on my computer AGAIN so I don't know what size/stle hook you are using but I really like this fly ALOT!

My bet is that it rides hard into the film.... the catch zone for difficult trout.... and the foam keeps it aloft enough to see the fly when they suck it under?

What color is this "ice" stuff? I haven't any dubbing called "ice" and will need to look into getting some.... what critter do you get it from?

Believe it or not I still have pieces of "muskrat & possum dubbing" from when I was 10 years old! In that day you needed to have a chunk of skin to cut a bit of hair from at which point you decided whether you wanted all the hair, the guard hair of just the under fur for dubbing! When it started comming in bags I was very happy!
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