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Originally Posted by Rog 1 View Post
check out LRO selection of Temple Fork rods ....there are any number of 2-3wt rods available and they come with a great warranty.
What he said... find yourself a 7'6" 3wt. pro with some 4wt. SA trout and call it a day. A very good versatile little rod for the park's smaller streams. I personally would not go any shorter but YMMV... For a little more coin, the finesse 7'9" 3wt. or 4wt. I use my 7'9" 5wt. finesse in the park quite a lot and while it may seem a little "overkill" it is still fun even on the smaller fish. I certainly was thankful for its backbone when I landed a 23" brown that I was not expecting...

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